Shutterstock WordPress integration for stock images

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Shutterstock has developed a WordPress plugin so that users of the CMS can easily add stock images to their publications. The new plugin is available in 21 different languages, and there is a built-in smart image recognition tool.

Shutterstock CEO Stan Pavlosky released a statement explaining how the new WordPress integration will utilize Shutterstock’s computer vision technology, and API saying:

“Shutterstock’s new integration with WordPress is a glimpse into our future. It’s a great example of how we are leveraging our computer vision technology and API to quickly suggest relevant content to our users. Through this partnership, our goal is to accelerate workflows and empower brands to inspire their audiences with engaging and compelling visual stories.”

Smart Image Recognition

We all know how long it can sometimes take to choose the correct image for a publication, hence Shutterstock has found a solution to help teams of writers across the world. Once a publication has been written, the Smart Image Recognition software will scan the publication and suggest images that are applicable. The writer will then be able to select one of the recommended images or ask the software for other suggestions. Once an image has been chosen the software will place the image in the media library of WordPress and place the image in its required position within the publication.

Further information

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