Content marketing

Website Copywriting Tips

By carrying out reports, data has suggested that readers of online materials such as blogs and web copy on services pages, etc read differently to that of reading printed materials. An example highlighted in a recent study suggests instead of reading left to right and line by line, website readers tend to scan a page […]

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Content writing

How Many Pages Should A Website Have?

A good place to start when thinking about how many pages your website should have is to think of your web pages as doors, these doors are open to searchers who are looking for specific products or services that you offer. The more doors you have open the more visitors you will have to your […]

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Why Choose WordPress

Why choose WordPress? WordPress is now one of the most popular CMS’s on the digital marketplace, and above all, it is open source. WordPress is a robust tool and is a great platform for creating and managing a website. WordPress can be utilized to create many different websites such as; business websites, eCommerce websites, and […]

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Google WebP

Google MUM algorithm update

The most noticed SEO trend in 2021 was Google’s many algorithm updates. There were so many updates towards the 4th quarter that we are still measuring how the searches were affected. In this article, we list how the MUM update is going to make an impact in Google search in the year 2022. Multitask Unified […]

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