How Many Pages Should A Website Have?

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A good place to start when thinking about how many pages your website should have is to think of your web pages as doors, these doors are open to searchers who are looking for specific products or services that you offer. The more doors you have open the more visitors you will have to your website. You could have as many as 30,000 pages if your website is an eCommerce site or you could have as little as five if you own a dog grooming company. There in fact is no answer, it all depends on the industry you are in and the competition you are against.

To find the correct number of pages a website should have it is important to address the following information. These include your competition, your niche of business, and your budget for the content to be written.

Your websites competition

It is important to look at your website’s competition, for instance, if your closest competitor has a website with 500 pages, your website is going to need to have at least 500 pages to be on par with that website, however, it is advisable to build a website with at least 600 pages. The amount of pages your competition has is also a strong indicator of how many web pages a website should have in its specific niche. When creating content it is best practice to see what information your competitors are including on their websites, then create this content but try to create better content. The more feature-rich content you have on a website, the more viewable it will be on the search engines, thus gaining organic traffic.

Your Industry

It is important to consider your industry, for instance, if your business sells watches there are a lot of websites on the Internet that sell watches so you will more than likely have to create a website that is rich in detailed content to be highly placed in the search engines. however if your company operates within the engineering sector and provides very niche services, the website in question will probably only need a handful of pages with detailed content. It is important to add though, that a website should always be evolving with new content added as much as possible. This is because most industries are evolving and so should the information to go along with the specific product or service, this could be laws involved with the product, new materials, or specifications.


As with all services it costs money to instruct a writer to write content for a website. and if you can not release budgets to pay for a writer then the content will have to be written in-house, and this of course takes time and effort. It does not matter which way you look at it, writing services are not free they cost time and money. It is important to consider your budget when you think about how many website pages your website should have.


As every web page created attracts searchers to your website it makes perfect sense to have an abundance of web pages and to keep adding content at all times to make a humungous website. But with most things, we have to budget, and this budget will ultimately see how many web pages can be created for a particular website. As budgets control how many web pages are possible to make, it is important to make these web pages useful to readers, so the content has to be detailed and precise. Your content should educate and point its readers in the right direction all the while positioning your business to make conversions.

Search engines are always on the lookout for fresh unique content, make your website stand out to the search engines by adding quality content that is useful to its readers. If you are writing the content yourself, try to research before you write, think back to when you were in education and writing papers, this will help you write unique content.

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