In Response to the Covid-19 Corona Virus second national lock down

A formal response to the second lockdown which has been scheduled to start on the 5th of November 2020. Dated; 04/11/2020

During the second national lockdown, Plosion ® Web Design and Plosion ® Group as a whole will be operating with fully functional status.

All of our customers’ websites will be maintained as normal, and we will be taking on new business. Meetings are to be held virtually via Zoom or Skype, or by the telephone.

Plosion ® Group employees will be working remotely, and have full access to the Plosion ® Group systems to carry out their briefs as normal.

We all hope our customers are keeping as safe as they can do during the Corona Virus / Covid-19 / SARS-Covid-19 pandemic.

Government restrictions information:

Benjamin Stokes