Google Page Speed Insights

How vital is page speed for SEO?

Page speed explained The most simple way to explain page speed is; how long it takes to load a web page. The reports concentrating on page speed have released data to suggest the average optimal range for page speed is between 0-3 seconds. Your own page speed will vary depending on several different factors, such […]

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Why WordPress is great for small businesses

The WordPress platform is great for small businesses as it is practical and easy to use. The WordPress Internet technology platform is a CMS (content management system) that makes the designing, editing, and maintenance of a website a lot easier. According to the latest data WordPress now powers approximately 40 percent of all websites on […]

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Google WebP

WordPress now supports Google’s WebP images

WordPress has announced with its new update they are committed to improving lossless and lossy compression of all images on the Web that are hosted on a WordPress website – embracing the WebP image format. This promise given by WordPress will come into full effect when WordPress version 5.8 is released in late July 2021, […]

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4 Questions To Ask A WordPress Web Developer

As you may have noticed hiring a web design company to build your website can be quite a difficult task. There are a considerable amount of web developers, and to find one that matches your exact requirements is no easy feat. Ideally, your chosen web developer will be able to match the design protocols you […]

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