WordPress Maintenance Plans UK


WordPress Maintenance Plans UK

What are WordPress Maintenance plans’? WordPress maintenance plans’ are essentially tiered plans to keep a WordPress website updated. Our WordPress maintenance plans’ will effectively help your WordPress website reach its full potential, all the while endorsing your brand. Our maintenance plans’ will keep your website running as it should, will see the addition of new features, and will provide protection from hackers. We can also add content as and when you require, thus keeping your website inline with search engine protocols.

Bespoke WordPress maintenance

Along with our fixed WordPress Maintenance Plans, we also provide bespoke maintenance plans to align with your exact requirements. Please see below for further information about our bespoke WordPress maintenance plans.

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WordPress Overview

WordPress has now achieved the status of the worlds most popular content management system (CMS), and its Internet technology has been utilised by approximately 35 percent of live websites on the Internet. It is obvious why so many businesses have implemented the WordPress CMS solution, to include global corporations, and some of the Government departments.

With this in mind, WordPress has now become the worlds most popular website technology to hack. If a professional hacker with malicious intent, wants to hack a website, they will look for vulnerabilities, then access the WordPress database. Hackers have many reasons for hacking a website, these could be; distributing malware, using a site to attack other websites, scraping personal details from the website’s database, or spamming the internet. Either way, if a website is hacked it could be catastrophic to your company. Hence, why companies are utilising our WordPress Maintenance plans’.

What is Included With Your WordPress Maintenance?

  • Daily back up of the websites database and other content
  • Ongoing website security monitoring
  • Up time monitoring
  • Plugin updates
  • WordPress core database updates
  • Content management updates – depending on your plan
  • Secure, fast, and reliable hosting – if migrating to our hosting services
  • Database optimisation – depending on your plan
  • Spam and revision cleanup – depending on your plan
  • Google analytics integration – depending on your plan
  • Email and telephone support
  • Bug fixes and extra support charged separately
  • Performance and speed checks – depending on your plan

Website Content Management

Simply email us the content changes or new content you want added to your website. And we will take care of the rest, saving you a lot of time

Daily Backups

We will backup your websites database and other content, on a weekly or daily basis, depending on the WordPress Maintenance plan you choose. Backups allow you to revert to previous website versions with ease.

Plugins Updated

We will manage the routine updates of your plugins, keeping your website upto date, secure, and at less of a threat of being hacked.

Website Security Monitoring

Our constant vunrabilities website scanner will minamise exploits and malware threats, thus keeping your customers data safe and secure. If the website is hosted on our server we can provide far greater security.

One time bug fixes and jobs

Do you require a problem to be fixed on your WordPress website, or maybe you just want a simple tweak completed, we can help.

One off WordPress jobs can include:

  • Upgrading WordPress core or plugins
  • Fixing bugs
  • Adjusting theme design
  • HTML, PHP & CSS changes via FTP or editor
  • Website health check to include speed check
  • Configuring SEO plugins for best performance
  • Installing WordPress database, themes & plugins
  • WordPress Support – bespoke plans
  • Consultancy – help & advice on your WordPress website

Our one off bug fixes are charged by the hour, so the price does not vary per job presented to us.

WordPress Maintenance

1, Purchasing your WordPress Maintenance plan

Please fill out the WordPress Maintenance plan form to complete your new order, once the form has been completed, one of our WordPress Maintenance developers will telephone you to discuss your maintenance plan in more depth. It would be great if you can have the following information to hand, when one of our developers call you:

  • A list of any known problems your company website has
  • Your company registered office and number if applicable
  • Your website details to include all associated accounts

What happens now?

Once payment has been received in stage 2 below, our WordPress development team will assess your website, and look for any problems. We will then implement an action plan ascertaining how much time it will take to fix any issues that have been found, the issues will then be fixed in order of importance. Once all errors have been fixed we can then start to maintain your company website effectively.

Theme assessment

Your WordPress theme will be assessed, depending on whether it is bespoke, or a premium theme, we will have to investigate to see if it’s still supported by the vendor. If not we can take control of the theme and implement bespoke updates as required. If so, these updates may be charged separately to the maintenance plan.

The WordPress Maintenance circle

As with most types of routine maintenance, to keep a website healthy and free of bugs, your company website should be constantly maintained. Thus, a well maintained website will not only be more secure against the risk of malicious attackers. It will also be classified as a trustworthy website by your customers, and the search engines.

    2, Final Stage Of Purchasing Your WordPress Maintenance Plans

    To finish the purchase one of our WordPress Maintenance plans, please follow the Buy Now tab on your selected plan below, then follow the PayPal instructions. Once you have completed the PayPal payment gateway process one of our maintenance team developers will call you to discuss your chosen WordPress Maintenance plan in further detail.

    Amplitude WP Maintenance

    £50.00 Per month
    • WordPress core updates 1x per month
    • WordPress theme updates 1 x per month
    • WordPress plugin updates 1 x per month
    • Daily cloud backups – held for 60 days, Max size 8GB
    • Constant security & malware scanning
    • 24/7 uptime monitoring
    • Monthly maintenance activity report

    Allotropy WP Maintenance

    £100.00 Per month
    • WordPress core updates 2 x per month
    • WordPress theme updates 2 x per month
    • WordPress plugin updates 2 x per month
    • Daily cloud backups – held for 60 days, Max size 12GB
    • Content updates via email – limited to 100 words / 10 images per month
    • Constant security & malware scanning
    • 24/7 uptime monitoring
    • Daily performance monitoring
    • Fortnightly site optimisation
    • Google analytics integration
    • Weekly maintenance activity report
    • Weekly SEO tracking

    Alchemy WP Maintenance

    £150 Per month
    • WordPress core updates 4 x per month
    • WordPress theme updates 4 x per month
    • WordPress plugin updates 4 x per month
    • Daily cloud backups – held for 60 days, Max size 16GB
    • Content updates via email – limited to 150 words / 15 images per month
    • Constant security & malware scanning
    • 24/7 uptime monitoring
    • Daily performance monitoring
    • Weekly site optimisation
    • Google analytics integration
    • Weekly maintenance activity report
    • Daily SEO tracking

    Bespoke WordPress Maintenance

    Does your company require a bespoke WordPress maintenance plan? If so we can configure a plan to suit your company requirements.

    A bespoke maintenance plan could include the following:

    • 24/7 hours support
    • A set amount of custom development time each month
    • Backups stored off server
    • Page builds
    • Security scans

    So whether you are looking for a plan that will make sure your WordPress website is always up to date, secure, and regularly backed up. Or on the other side of the spectrum, you are looking for a WordPress plan with the capabilities to adhere to populating the website in question with rich content, and so much time is allocated to making sure the site is fully maintained for fast loading times. We can develop a bespoke WordPress maintenance plan to align with your requirements.

    What Happens If I Do Not Maintain My Website?

    If a WordPress website is not maintained effectively the following problems may occur:

    • The website will slow down
    • Customers will go elsewhere
    • The website will break
    • Data will be lost
    • The website will be open to hackers who will sabotage the website and steal data

    All websites need to have regular maintenance, if they do not it could be catastrophic for a company.

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    A WordPress Mainteance Team You Can Trust

    Our WordPress maintenance team has a combined wealth of knowledge that has been built up throughout the years of providing WordPress maintenance services. Our team has paramount knowledge of the WordPress platform and has built hundreds of WordPress websites, applications, and plugins.

    Located in the UK we provide the following:

    • Fast support
    • No contracts
    • Clear and precise answers
    • Transparency
    • Clear pricing structures

    For further information contact one of our team.

    Any Questions?

    Please inquire via our contact page for more information