Why Choose WordPress


Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is now one of the most popular CMS’s on the digital marketplace, and above all, it is open source. WordPress is a robust tool and is a great platform for creating and managing a website. WordPress can be utilized to create many different websites such as; business websites, eCommerce websites, and blogs.

So now you know the fundamentals of what WordPress is let’s look to see why the platform is one of the most popular website platforms.


One way to determine WordPress reliability is to look to see how many websites in the world are using the platform, and to date, 65% of websites that use a CMS are utilizing WordPress. This proves a point, for this many websites to use WordPress the platform must be reliable, not only that, but WordPress boasts some big brands that use the platform such as TechCrunch and Ted.


Because the WordPress website platform is so popular over the world, there is a large community of WordPress developers, plus there is an abundance of self-help information on the web at hand to include WordPress tutorials on YouTube.


A website that lacks in the SEO department is a website that will simply cost you money. If a website can not be seen on the search engines it is not doing its job effectively.

WordPress is great for SEO, all that is needed is one plugin called Yoast, this plugin allows you to add title tags, description tags, and also provides information on the content of the page that you are creating.


The WordPress platform is very scalable, almost any feature that you can think of can be incorporated into a WordPress website. Features can either be added via bespoke programming or by installing third-party plugins.


WordPress is a very safe website platform, as long as it is updated when new updates are released. That being said, the platform can be made vulnerable if you add a third-party plugin that becomes compromised.

There are a few ways that a WordPress website can be made more secure these include:

  • Adding an SSL certificate
  • Installing backup software
  • Setting password permissions
  • Installing a firewall

Content creation

If you can write an email, you can create content for your WordPress website. The backend of the CMS is quite simple to use and very easy to navigate through making new posts and pages to adding media and accepting or deleting comments for your posts.

If a post or page needs to be edited you simply navigate to posts or pages find the post or page that needs to be edited and then change what is needed. Once those changes have been made click save and the edit has been completed.


The WordPress CMS has been built with speed in mind, the speed of a website is very important and Google actually has this listed in their search engine guidelines.

To make a WordPress CMS lightning fast there are some tools that can be installed such as image reducing plugins and CACHE plugins, but above all, it is very important to use a theme that is lightweight and not cumbersome. If you are coding your own theme it is important to code it correctly or the website may end up being very slow.

If a website runs at an acceptable speed you will be rewarded by Google, and your website visitors will enjoy a better user experience in turn increasing conversion.


As mentioned throughout this article, WordPress has an abundance of third-party integrations which are called plugins. These plugins add functionality to a WordPress website allowing it to show a calendar for instance or allowing the CMS to show critical SEO descriptions on the SERPS. Besides plugins, the WordPress CMS can be configured to incorporate tools such as marketing software, payment gateways, Google Analytics, and accounting software.


The WordPress CMS platfrom is the most popular in the world, this speaks in volume to which CMS to choose. If you are looking for a simple to use website which has worldwide support, and can be scaled up to fit almost any brief then WordPress is the correct solution for your business.

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