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Cookies on a website are classified as small pieces of data that are placed on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are generally used to make your viewing pleasure more plausible, and make websites function correctly, they also help us to analyze website traffic data.

Some cookies are needed to make a website work, and these are classed as “strictly necessary cookies”.

If you have chosen to block cookies, this action will not carry over to another website, so please action this request again.


To remember data you have put on this site, such as a contact form.

To help us understand how visitors of our website are navigating through the website, and how often.

Sometimes we may display adverts if we think you may find them of interest.


The information collected is used in various ways, to include:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are used to record data to help us understand how we can make improvements on the website. For example, if you have set location cookies, we will store your location, and show it to you next time you visit.

Example of a functionality cookie via this site:

catAccCookies – A cookie set by a UK cookie consent plugin to let you know the website you are visiting uses cookies, it will store information to let us know you have read the advisor banner.

Performance Cookies

These help us with user experience, these help us see how the website is being used by our visitors, and lets us know how we can improve the user experience. These cookies can be turned off, but by doing so it will stop us from being able to improve our service to you.

Example of a performance cookie on this website:

_ga – This is a Google Analytics cookie, used to identify unique users on this website

Advertising/Remarketing Cookies

Sometimes we may use tracking pixels to help us with online marketing advertising campaigns. Sometimes we may place a “remarketing cookie” when you visit our website.

This information is anonymized thus we are unable to contact you via this action.

Third Party Cookies

Rarely there may be third party cookies on this website; videos, maps, social networking elements. These third party websites may add cookies to your browsing device.


Accept or Block Cookies in your Browser Settings

Cookies can be blocked at any time, from any website. To do this is to change the setting in your browser, which will allow yo to block all cookies or certain cookies (to include strictly necessary cookies). If you select to block all cookies, you may not be able to view our websites properly or any other website for that matter. For more information about cookies please visit

Opt-Out of Third Party Cookies

If you want to opt out of third party cookies you may be able to use the third party’s own tools.

Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics from time to analyze how many people visit our website, and how they navigate through the pages.

Opt-out of Google Analytics cookies

Opt-Out of Advertising Cookies

Tracking pixels may be used for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Remarketing

How to opt out of Twitter remarketing

Google Remarketing – Google Remarketing is used to track our Google advertising efforts on the Internet. The data is collected by Google “click stream data” this data lets us know how long you stayed on our website and other signals. Such as; IP address, content and pages viewed, interaction with the content on our website, and device identifier. To opt out of the Google remarketing preferences please click here

LinkedIn – This website has a tracking pixel associated with Linkedin – this tracking visitors and collating data such as; location information. Linkedin also collects data to let them know how you navigated around their website. This data can be used to plan and deliver customized promotions. How to manage your advertising preferences on LinkedIn

If you want to opt out of all advertising cookies, you can set applicable preferences on ‘Your Online Choices’ site here. This will not prevent you from seeing adverts online, but by entering your own settings the adverts will not be tailored for you.

Please inquire via our contact page for more information