Anti Slavery Policy

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Anti Slavery Policy

Plosion Web Design is serious in eliminating any risk of modern slavery occuring in its own business, entering its supply chain, or via any third party business relationship.

The Anti Slavery Policy applies to all individuals who are working on behalf of the business, in all capicitys, to include but not limmited to; employees, directors, contractors, agency workers, consultants, and any third party individuals associated with the business.

Plosion Wed Design expects all individuals who are associated with the business at any level, to familiarise themselves with the Modern Slavery Policy, and adhere to it, and its values.

Plosion Web Design will only participate in business at any level with individuals and organisations that comply with the policy.

This Modern Slavery Policy will be used to inform full transparency of the Plosion Web Design supply chain, as per requirements of Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA).

What is actually meant by Modern Slavery?

The forms of modern slavery are complex and variable; The Modern Slavery Act (MSA) 2015 governs four modern slavery activities:

  • Slavery: where ownership is exercised over an individual
  • Servitude: involves the obligation to provide service imposed by threats or force
  • Forced and compulsory labour: service performed by a individual, is not voluntarily, this service is obtained via threatning, forcing, or implementing a penalty
  • Human trafficking: the arranged, or actual transportation of an individual to exploit them

Other modern slavery forms that will not be tolerated and are not specifically refrenced in the MSA:

  • Child labour: depending on the jurisdiction, child labour involves the employment of children, employment that is exploitative or hazardous. Also employemt that is likley to interfere with a child’s education, physical wellbeing, health to include mental health, or natural social development.

Any form of modern slavery includes, the deprivation of a persons liberty by another, leading to exploitation of the individual for commercial or personal gain, which would lead to the violation of an individuals human rights.

Inorder to tackle the problem of modern slavery, we require all colleagues to be vigilant within all of Plosion Web Design’s business and all business relationships.

How Plosion Web Design seeks to implement the Anti Slavery Policy

Plosion Web Design adheres to the following commitments 2020/2021:

  • Plosion Web Design will perform ongoing risk assessments on all supply chain, whether it is present or new.
  • Any third parties supplying Plosion Web Design will have similar policys in place to regulate their own suppliers. We also have the right to cease any contractual agreement, if it is evident that a breach to this policy has occurred.
  • By this policy being on the Plosion Web Design website, you are agreeing to its terms.

Responsibility for this policy

The Founder of Plosion Web Design has overall responsibility for this policy, thus ensuring the business complies at all levels of obligation for the business.

The Founder will take ownership for the implementation of this policy, making sure all of its protocols are put in place.

The founder will be responsible to make sure all subsidiaries comply with this policy.

Communication of the policy

All managers will ensure that all colleagues receive the appropriate training, and refresh training on this policy.


Any breaches of this policy will be taken seriously, after review of the individual in breach, the individual of the business may face disciplinary action. In accordance with the Business’s Disciplinary Procedure. Breaches can lead to instant dismissal.

All colleagues are expected to comply with any investigation of suspected breaches of this policy.

If there is a part of this policy you do not fully understand you should seek guidance from the management team.

Status of this policy

This Anti-Slavery Policy reviewed and updated as per the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA).

This policy is the current status of Plosion Web Design

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