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What is the Fixed Price SEO Plan?

Our Fixed Price SEO Plan is the name of our monthly retainer package that companies use to utilise Plosion ® Web Design’s specialist SEO product range. The Fixed Price SEO Plan includes; on page, and off page SEO optimisation services, and much more, please see detailed SEO product plan specifications below. All SEO services carried out on our customers’ websites adhere to the search engines SEO guidelines. Prices for our SEO packages vary from £300 to £1350 per month, typically these prices vary depending on the quality of the keywords your company wants to rank in the SERP’s for.

Sometimes when examining a website at the start of an SEO campaign, we may find your website needs additional work, this could be because your website has incurred a search engine penalty for unethical SEO, or maybe because your website is faced by a lot of competition for the same keywords you will be targeting.

What is the best plan for my company website?

Typically we have found that small local businesses tend to perform well with our Vega SEO plan, while larger nationwide companies perform better when utilising our Mizar and Mimas plans.

Our SEO specialists

Here at Plosion ® Web Design, our dedicated SEO team adheres to the Google, Bing, and Yahoo SEO guidelines. Before we start work on your campaign, we will assess your website as a whole, and detail an SEO strategy tailored to help your website achieve your company online initiatives. An important part of SEO is the design of the website, however, if your website is not achieving traffic, then your website is effectively costing your company money.

Our SEO specialists can help you improve your website with our Fixed Price SEO Plan. Thus helping your company achieve higher search engine rankings, and in turn, improving your company’s website conversions.

Depending on your company requirements, we have listed our three SEO plans below:

  • Vega SEO plan – well placed for businesses who trade in local areas
  • Mizar SEO plan – suitable for medium sized national companies, and small businesses looking to expand on their target catchment area, or companies wanting to promote medium competition keywords
  • Mimas SEO plan – suitable for large national companies, wanting to promote high competition keywords (brand leaders)

Fixed Price SEO Plan FAQs

Do you provide a bespoke SEO service?

Plosion Web Design provides a bespoke SEO campaign service as well as our fixed price SEO range called the Fixed Price SEO Plan. Our bespoke plans are variable on price, depending on your marketing budget and the time you want to allocate to your SEO campaign. All that is needed is a list of keywords that you want to target, we will then analyse your chosen keywords, and implement an action plan to ascertain high SERP positions for the keywords that are deemed realistic. Please telephone or email us to discuss your bespoke SEO campaign requirements.

Do you provide an eCommerce SEO service?

Plosion Web Design provide a range of SEO services for various website apparatus to include, eCommerce, brochure style websites, and lead generation websites. Our eCommerce SEO covers WordPress Woo Commerce, Magento, and all other types of eCommerce platforms. Our Fixed Price SEO Plan range does not vary in cost, between eCommerce and other types of websites. Please telephone or email us if you would like to speak with an SEO consultant to put your mind at ease before ordering your chosen SEO product.

What information do I need to have to hand when an SEO consultant calls me?

It would be great if you can have to hand, your website login details, to include your hosting details, and any amends to your preferred keyword list, and general passwords to any business directory websites you may have added your website details upon.

Will I have a designated account manager?

Plosion Web Design will allocate an account manager to you, if you require any support with your SEO campaign they will be your main contact.

How long will it take to rank my website on the search engines such as Google?

Depending on the competition for your keywords it can take from three months to six months to gain higher results in the search engines for your chosen keywords. Local search keyword terms generally gain higher rankings quicker than national high competition search keywords, it is best to speak to one of our SEO consultants to clarify.

Why do you have three SEO plans, and what are the differences?

We have listed three SEO plans to adhere to our customers’ different requirements. The Vega SEO plan is designed to promote small and medium sized local businesses on the search engines for local keywords, such as a local town or county. The Mizar SEO plan is designed to promote companies that are looking to expand their national reach with medium competition keywords, thus building the companies portfolio of customers. The Mimas SEO plan is designed for large, well established companies looking to retain their online presence for high competition keywords.

1, Fixed Price SEO Plan range

To purchase your SEO plan, please follow the Buy Now tab below the Fixed Price Plan range details, then follow the PayPal instructions. Once you have completed the PayPal payment gateway process, please fill out the SEO form below. One of our SEO consultants will then call you to discuss your plan in further detail.

Vega SEO

Suitable for local SEO
£300 PM
  • Specifications

  • Local SEO Ranking (County or town)
  • Keyword Research
  • Setup Of Google Analytics
  • Monthly SEO Reporting
  • Title & Meta Research And Creation
  • On Page Technical (Robots, XML) SEO
  • Internal Link Creation
  • Content Proofing For SEO
  • External Link Building
  • Monthly Update Calls
  • No Contract

Mizar SEO

Suitable for national SEO
£600 PM
  • Specifications

  • Ranking For Part-Nationwide
  • Keyword Analyses
  • Google Analytics Creation
  • Advanced Monthly SEO Reporting
  • Title & Meta Research And Creation
  • Technical Website SEO (Robots, XML)
  • Internal Links
  • Keyword & Content Editing
  • Offpage Link Creation
  • Monthly Update Calls
  • Monitor up to 250 Keywords
  • Scan For Improvements And Implement
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Continued Development (keyword changes)
  • No Contract

Mimas SEO

Suitable for high competition national SEO
£1350 PM
  • Specifications

  • Rank For Nationwide Presence
  • Detailed Keyword Research And Implementation
  • Google Analytics Configuration
  • Monthly SEO & Web Reports
  • Detailed Optimised Title & Meta Data Tags
  • Consultant Level Technical SEO Improvements
  • Internal Link Strategy Placement
  • Detailed Keyword & Content Editing
  • Off Page Link Creation
  • Monthly Update Calls
  • Monitor and Assess up to 1000 Keywords
  • Constant Monitoring For Improvements & implementing Improvements
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Social Media Marketing (If Applicable)
  • Landing Pages (If Applicable)
  • Content Editing
  • Blog Writing (if applicable)
  • The Mimas Package Has The Best Success Of Ranking High On Google
  • No Contract

2, Next step in purchasing your Fixed Price SEO Plan

Fill out the SEO plan form to complete your order, once this is done, one of our SEO specialists will call you to discuss your Fixed Price SEO Plan in more detail. Please have to hand the following information for your SEO consultation:

  • A list of keywords you would like us to SEO your website for
  • Your company registered office and number if applicable
  • Your website details to include all associated accounts

What happens now?

Our SEO team will evaluate your website, and your chosen keywords. We will then implement an action plan to amend any technical errors we have found, this will allow us to gain a good control basis of starting to rank your website for your chosen keywords.

On page SEO

The next stage of the campaign will be to assess the content on page SEO efforts, amending the website as we go, the content will also be analysed at this stage and amended as we see fit.

Off page SEO

Next, we will start to assess the websites off page efforts, checking backlinks, broken links, social media signals, etc.

The SEO circle

As with most types of marketing, to keep a steady influx of business, your company website should be constantly SEO’d. Thus, keeping ahead of your competition, and to constantly promote the authority of your brand.

    On Page SEO

    On page SEO includes writing effective meta tags, URL’s, UX and more.

    Article Creation

    Effective article creation and landing pages will be created to attract natural links.

    Link Building

    Relevant websites and editorials will be sourced and linked to your website, along with other high-quality strategies.

    Social Signals

    Social signals are categorised as important signals for the SERP’s, we will manage your social networking sites.