Google Adwords

What is PPC and how does PPC work?

Are you looking to find out information regarding PPC? This article has been written to give a brief insight into what it is and how it works. What Is PPC? Pay Per Click can be described as an advertising model that allows businesses to place adverts on a platform, in turn, the platform charges the […]

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The history of Google

How to Improve Your Local Rankings

Are you lacking local traffic to your website, follow this SEO guide to see how to improve your traffic. For Internet searchers looking for local services and products, ease of finding these are one of their top priorities. This is why Google has put more emphasis on local searches to ensure that users of Google […]

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Face To Face Meetings

We are now taking face-to-face meetings again, please be aware that hand sanitiser and masks will be available at our office and when we visit out of the office. We hope this course of action is timely to the covid 19 outbreak. As promised to our customers we have provided a full service throughout the […]

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Google Page Speed Insights

How vital is page speed for SEO?

Page speed explained The most simple way to explain page speed is; how long it takes to load a web page. The reports concentrating on page speed have released data to suggest the average optimal range for page speed is between 0-3 seconds. Your own page speed will vary depending on several different factors, such […]

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