Lead generation

Lead generation web design

A lead generation website is designed to encourage a website user to make an enquiry via an online form or make a phone call to make an enquiry. The enquiry could be for many things such as information on a product or service you offer or to book a meeting with one of your team. A lead generation website will achieve these results by successfully pointing visitors to an online form or a telephone number.

We specialise in creating lead generation websites, the best way to start a Monday morning would be to open up your inbox only to see a stream of hot leads waiting for you. Lead Generation is not a new way of producing new sales and increasing your bottom line, but it now has a new approach. A website generated lead will defiantly be easier to close than a cold called lead.

We are professionals in designing and deploying lead generation websites, we understand how to convert visitors of your website.
What Business Industries Use Lead Generation Websites?

Lead generation websites could work for just about any business, Industries using this type of marketing include insurance agencies, education institutions, office suppliers, home improvement companies and furniture stores. Trends show that lead generation websites will become even more popular in the future, especially for service oriented businesses.

Why Use A Lead Generation Website

Lead generation websites are a win-win for both the buyer and seller. A website user is able to request information by filling out a simple form and the selling website is given the opportunity to make a sale or promote a new service or product to someone who is interested. Conversion rates on website leads that you receive, often have a higher success rate than cold contacts. This is because the prospect is pre-qualified from reading your website.

Lead generation web design

Lead generation is a term used to describe the way of obtaining new business prospects, which in turn may be turned into a sale which will increase profit margins. Leads can be generated in a variety of ways either by the major search engines such as Google or telephone, direct mail, surveys or email.

A lead is generated by obtaining the consumer’s permission to take details from them such as phone number, email address, home address and a summary of information that is tailored towards the type of lead being collected. Different types of leads could be debt, loans, accounts and mortgage leads.

Lead Generation Web design Tips

Know your traffic:

You need to know your traffic, for instance, what age are they, when do they like to search the Internet, what websites do they tend to use, age, location, interests, spending habits, etc. This is important as you need to know what type of website to design to fit in with your target audience. The better designed the more leads you will generate.

Optimise your Web Pages:

You need to optimise your website pages so your website will show up on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. A realistic budget for search engine marketing needs to be set down. An SEO campaign is crucial if you want your websites tactile objectives to be achieved.

If your website is optimised for the major search engines this means that the site will be found by more people on the Internet. Your potential website viewers will find your website by typing in keywords. For instance, if your website will be collecting leads for the mortgage industry, the keyword typed in will be something like “Mortgage deals UK”. The higher your website appears on the Internet the more traffic the site will get, the more traffic the more leads conversions. As your site gets to be more relevant on the Internet the easier it will become to drive low-cost lead generation traffic to your website.

Offer Quality:

A lead generation website should be a great portal of useful information all related to what leads you want to generate. A lead generation website needs to have a news/blog, this will have articles on any industry changes – keeping your viewers in the loop with anything new. Although having your website optimised will generate you a lot of traffic, even the best SEO will not hide the fact that your website has a lack of appeal.

To help drive traffic to your lead generation website and to keep users coming back to your site. It is a good idea to supply your readers with frequent articles and industry news. Your articles should be optimised so they can be found on the Internet plus this will keep the user engaged with useful information.

There are a number of things that could be included on your website to keep users engaged such as – discussion boards, forums, images, advice, comment boxes, audio files, videos, links, etc. The more value you can add to your articles and pages the more engagement you will receive from your users and the more they will return. Better still your readers will promote your website to others via online social networking and word of mouth. This type of advertising is called free promotion the best type of advertising you can get. Your site will now be receiving increased amounts of traffic just for offering excellent content.

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