SEO company

Looking for a reputable SEO company?

It can be quite the task to find a reputable SEO company to work with. This article has been written to outline some of the issues you may come up against when trying to find an expert SEO company.

Your SEO Company Lack Relevant SEO Knowledge

Unfortunately you may come across the so called experts of SEO, who actually know next to nothing about SEO.

Before working with your chosen SEO company be sure to brush up on your own knowledge of SEO. Doing so will help you sift out the bad SEO companies and find the good.

Link Building

While link building is still a major element in natural SEO, it is not the only form of SEO. Be wary if your SEO company is building links to your website from just about anywhere. Links from poor quality websites can determine whether your websites long-term marketing efforts are successful or not.

Reputable SEO companies will know that content creation and social media signals are a brilliant way of marketing your website effectively. If the company you are working with do not offer these services, you should not place business with them.

Secretive Process

If your SEO provider is secretive about their SEO processes. Chances are they are employing black hat SEO techniques or not doing anything at all.

No Reports Shared

Any reputable SEO company will share reports if they are doing a good job. On the other hand if your SEO dose not want to share reports, what does that say about them?

If There Is A Major Drop In Rankings

If you notice a major drop in the SERPS, it is advisable that you perform an investigation. A drop in the SERPS can happen for many reasons. Sometimes a drop may be because of a Google update glitch or something more sinister such as a Google penalty. To perform an investigation it is good practice to utilise the webmaster tools interface and check for problems in the control panel.

If you find that your website has received a penalty due to black hat SEO techniques. We advise you to contact an SEO expert like ourselves. We can deploy a strategic plan of action to eradicate the Google penalty, in turn gaining better placement for the website in question.

If you have lost confidence in your existing SEO company after reading this article, get in touch with Plosion Web Design.