Why WordPress is great for small businesses


The WordPress platform is great for small businesses as it is practical and easy to use.

The WordPress Internet technology platform is a CMS (content management system) that makes the designing, editing, and maintenance of a website a lot easier. According to the latest data WordPress now powers approximately 40 percent of all websites on the Internet, including eCommerce shops, businesses, and popular blogs.

The WordPress platform is favored by many business owners as it can save on budgets that would be allocated to web developers. This is because WordPress has many functionalities that allow the website owner to edit and even automate some business processes.

Other reasons to use WordPress:

1, Free platform

The WordPress platform is entirely free to use, as WordPress is open-source the developers will not charge any money for using their software, this is because the actual software has been created and is maintained by a cohort of volunteers.

2, SEO friendly

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, the process of SEO ends with making a website appear higher on the search engine results, this is done by technical SEO and involves many processes. WordPress is excellent for SEO, and includes all of the features that are needed to SEO a website effectively.

3, Scalable

When business owners are deciding on an Internet technology platform to use for their business, they are often concerned about scalability. WordPress can normally be adjusted as the business grows as long as it has been developed correctly in mind with scalability.

4, Security

As WordPress is now the most popular CMS in the world, it is also most favorable to hacking attempts. With this in mind business owners should not worry, as the WordPress platform is constantly being updated to improve the security of the platform.

5, User friendly

WordPress has been designed to be user-friendly, quite often business owners are concerned the platform may be complicated and they will have to learn technical languages. This is not the case with WordPress the admin dashboard has been designed with none technical users in mind making everything straightforward to use.


WordPress boasts a very large community of both users and volunteers and because of this, the platform is one of the best supported in the world. The WordPress platform provides a host of benefits that heavily outway a totally bespoke CMS. Thus WordPress is the correct CMS solution for your next website project.

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