WordPress Push Patch Plugin Update

Online Security

WordPress has pushed out an update, unknown to many, reason: to patch a security breach associated with a popular plugin, the Loginizer plugin. The security issue was categorized as major and was deemed the worst security breach to WordPress users seen recently.


The category of threat is known as SQL injection.


The bug is capable of letting hackers overtake any website that has the plugin installed.

Core update

WordPress released a core update 5.5.2 security and maintenance containing ten security fixes.


WordPress software is contained in over 34% of the Internet’s websites, this attracts many cybercriminals to the platform.


What threats are WordPress and none WordPress websites exposed to?

All websites are exposed to threats and these include:

  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • File Inclusions
  • Malware
  • SQL Injections

WordPress is one of the most secure CMS platforms available today, this is because of the constant updates that its developers’ issue.


A WordPress website is under threat if it is not updated in a timely manner, updates should be made to:

  • Core
  • PHP
  • Database
  • Plugins
  • Passwords
  • Authentication
  • SSL
  • Security software
  • Poor hosting


It is best practice to seek advice from an Internet security company to enable the best security of a website. Best practice security has to be installed on a website as of the data it holds. It is not feasible to own a website that is easily compromised thus leading to a security breach.

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