Why Are SSL Certificates Important 2

HTTPS Encrypted

Continuing from our last blog, we have provided some more information about SSL certificates and why they are a crucial part of website security.

SSL Encrypts Data

The main reason why SSL’s are utilized is so data can be encrypted and only the intended user can access the data. This is crucial as information sent via computers is sent from computer to computer to get to the destination of the server. Thus, if there is no SSL any computer between you and the server can gain access to the data being sent to the server if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate when used properly will make the information being sent to the server unreadable to everyone except for the server that will be receiving the data. Thus, protecting the data from hackers.

SSL and Authentication

While encryption is great, a proper SSL certificate will provide authentication. Authentication will make sure the data is being sent to the correct server and not an imposter who is trying to steal sensitive information. Information is generally sent to many computers before it reaches its end destination, this could mean any of the computers in the information chain could be an imposter. It is only possible to remove this threat by using a trusted SSL certificate from a trusted SSL certificate provider.

SSL is required for PCI Compliance

To be able to accept credit card information on a website, it must have a trusted SSL certificate installed, the website must then pass certain audits that ultimately will prove the website in question is complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. And one of these requirements is to make sure the website has an SSL certificate installed properly.

More Information about SSL

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