Navigation Design

Website Navigation Funnel

When a website user is looking for information, the website user has a goal in mind. The chances are even before you started to read this blog article you had a goal of either wanting to look over the latest information on our blog or wanted to find out some information on website architecture and navigation.

After a few moments of browsing this article, you will be deciding whether the information is relevant to what you are looking for and what your goal is. If you the website user cannot find what you are looking for in a few brief seconds you will leave the web page. To keep a website users engagement it is crucial that the correct content is displayed.

It’s Your Shop front

No matter what business type you are, a website needs to display it’s products and services as if it’s shop window is on one of the most famous retail streets. Now you have to think what are you going to put in your shop window?

This is the point that you need to list out what you want your visitors to do in order of importance:

Make an enquiry
Subscribe to your mailing list
Find information on products/services
Join your Facebook group

Before the website visitor converts, they will need to know information such as: What are the benefits of joining your Facebook group and how often is it updated. Keeping things simple is the key to getting conversions, make the point obvious and to the point quickly.

Website Navigation

In the majority of cases, a website designer will see a website’s navigation as being flat and linear, this is not correct. the navigation system is your sales funnel its job is to entice the website visitor to send an enquiry or buy a product.

Home Page -> Company information -> The Service or Product -> The Sweetener -> Contact or Buy

Now the above process has to be adapted to the navigation, it can be displayed through a linear navigation like so:

Home | About | Products | Contact Us

Your websites home page should be designed to draw visitors to the main navigation pages also to convert small goals such as joining your Facebook group. The home page can also be used to lead the visitor to your about us page, then to your services or product pages.


A simple way to test out your navigation layout is a great game called word Association; take the chosen wording from your navigation and think what other words in association come to mind. for example “Services” could come back as “price” or “information”.


A website’s navigation is the websites most powerful sales funnel, it guides your visitors to relevant information and converts your traffic into enquiries or sales.