Calls to action

Website calls to action

A call to action on a website is an element that entices a website viewer to convert, usually, a call to action is a button or a highlighted line of copy. To make a call to action that generates a high conversion you have to consider what the website visitors objective is. Every website browser has a reason why they are on a website, it may be that they are looking for more information about a product or service, to make a purchase, or to fill out a form for more information.

There are many reasons why a user is on a website, none the less you have to provide a quick and easy route for them to complete their goal. The best way to do this is to list all the questions you want your website to answer, then prioritise them in order of importance.

Once the list is compiled you can start to figure out how your calls to action will be displayed on the site. There are many ways to guide the website user to follow your calls to actions. We have listed some ideas below to help you.


Common sense should be used for the size of your call to action, the larger the button or message the more it will be noticed by the website user. This will only work to a certain degree though if you make your call to action too large it will only put the user off.

White space

White space is an excellent way to draw attention to a call to action, it also portrays a professional clean and minimal look. This look will also benefit a very busy page as the call to action will be made more visible.


It is very important you do not let your calls to action fade into the background, a call to action should be made to stand out. contrasting colours can be used on most calls to actions if not all. However, it is not good practice to use over contrasting colours as these will put off the website user.


A good way to increase your call to action conversions is to include a sense of urgency If your call to action includes terms such as “Call Today” or “Purchase Now” they will work a lot better than say “Call Us” or “Purchase”.