Responsive design

Responsive web design

It was not really a surprise that it was announced on Googles official Webmasters Central blog that responsive web design is listed in the criteria, for a formal recommendation for mobile delivery. Responsive web design is a programming format that allows the web page to adjust to different screen sizes of the visiting user.

This is a crucial step for user usability, considering the predictions that mobile phone Internet usage will overtake desktop usage by 2014. Hopefully, by encouraging developers to one consistent web experience, Google will be able to keep many of its link algorithms.

The benefits are also very clear for developers as the strife of having to maintain multiple versions of a website will gradually disappear. Additionally, with only one format, the development of such sites will be far more friendly for the developer.

Immediate Impact

Responsive design will hopefully encourage more mobile friendly websites to be designed, especially for the small to medium sized business world. This unofficial standard will help a lot of small to medium businesses to gain a mobile friendly web presence, at an affordable price. There will be no need to have two separately designed websites, lucid programming / responsive design will be standard.

All of our websites adhere to the Google recommendations for responsive design and have done for a long time. If you would like to find out more information about responsive design, please contact us on 01743 367691 or alternatively fill out our online enquiry form.