UX design

Putting the website user first

Sometimes when a website designer is designing a site it can be easy to get carried away with things such as functionality. Sometimes a designer may drift and not think about what the website is being created for – the customer. A website needs to meet it’s businesses needs, and work on Google and the other major search engines. If the site does not have the latter it will not gain the Internet traffic that is desired. A website needs to appeal to its customers, if not the whole project may as well be scrapped.

Designing with the user in mind should be the main goal, the user needs to be the main priority throughout the project. To do this, you need to think about what the user requires from the website. Put yourself in their shoes, what are their interests and values? You need to research who your target audience is before thinking how are they going to use the website. After you have done this, you will be able to design the website. We would say it is important to consider interactivity as well as the basics. the basics being simple navigation layout and mobile phone viewing. Responsiveness needs to be thought about carefully as well.

The best designs are the simple ones, there is no need to over complicate things. A user wants to land on your website and within 5 seconds understand the layout. If you baffle the website browser they will simply find another website. Images should be used to a great effect, and always make sure all the key information is really easy to find.
The way your website is designed depends on what industry your business is in, and of course what market you are going to attract. If you put the user first you will defiantly be very close to having a successful on-line business.