Are You Ready For Paid Traffic (PPC)

Generally, if you are looking for information on the internet about Google Adwords (PPC). Most, if not all of the articles are written to portray that setting up a Google Adwords account is as easy as pointing an advert to your desired page and that is all there is to it, this is not the case. This article has been written to inform you of the other details everyone seems to be missing out.

Landing pages play a massive part for effective PPC campaigns and how much you pay per click. Your site also needs to have enough content about the products or services in order to engage the user to make a purchase or enquiry.

Below is a list of high agenda elements that you need to ensure are followed, otherwise your PPC campaign will be jeopardised.

Site Speed

Google have made it clear many times that a slow website or landing page will affect your Adword quality score.

If your website is slow then users will not be staying on it for long. As a customer, would you want to be buying products from a clumsy or slow website?

To improve a websites’ speed try:

  • Compressing JavaScript & CSS
  • Reduce image files
  • Move to a quicker server

Mobile Responsive Design

Now that Adwords are using enhanced campaigns you do not have the option to opt out of mobile traffic, the only way around this is to bid less for it.

It is important to have your website optimised for mobile devices. Responsive websites will not only boost user experience they will also increase conversions. This will only have a positive affect for your Adword quality score.

Relevant Content

Content has always been king with Google. This is relevant with both natural and PPC. How relevant your chosen keywords are to your PPC landing page will not only increase or decrease your quality scoring, but will also determine how users navigate around your website.

It is important to match up good quality content to your Adword PPC keywords. Doing so will help reduce the cost of your campaign and increase your conversions.


It is good practice to shy away from redirects. They will not affect the campaign directly but having redirects will cause issues with tracking data in the Adwords account. If your data is not accurate, you can not devise a marking initiative to increase conversions.


These four points are what I deem to be the most important aspects that can affect your Adword campaigns.

My advice is to test your landing pages A/B to locate the correct combinations for maximum conversion. By utilising this approach you will find the correct formula to improve your campaigns.