Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic Web Design

A well-designed website is a website that provides a brilliant user experience, however, it can not be denied that industry trends and changes have had an influence too.

A website has to keep up with the industry changes if you want your website to offer the correct combination of functionality and design appeal – keeping the design clean is a priority.

Clean website design can be described as minimalist, self-explanatory and simple. It is thought that the clean movement has come about because of the major dislike of banner ads and the increased amount of users who surf the web using a mobile device or a smaller screen, such as a tablet or I-Pad. With the Internet being surfed with more and more smaller screens the demand for clutter free websites has increased to fit in with the user’s needs. Users have become tired and have started to abandon cluttered, advert rich websites, and so the clean website need has been created.

The theory behind clean website design is to use content in a simpler way, with the bulk of the design elements being simple yet effective, typography, more negative space, ease of navigation and light dabbles of colour. As you have gathered a clean design is a minimal design using greys and whites and any bold colours should be used sparingly.

Benefits of a clean minimalist design

A minimalist, clean website design has many benefits over a cluttered website; minimalist sites load a lot quicker than a content rich website, take fewer server element resources and are a lot quicker to design and develop than a website that is heavy in rich unneeded components such as flash and user unfriendly elements. Plus a minimalist website gives an overall impression of being professional to the website’s visitors.