Online Market Research

How To Plan Market Research For New Websites

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a brand and launch a portfolio of new websites. One surprising thing I have found during consultations is that people tend to skip researching other competition within the market they will be targeting. This threw me a little as it does not take much work, it does take a little time on the search engines to dig out your competition though.

I am writing this article to pass on some tips to like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a portfolio of new websites. Fundamentally I will be focusing on market shares between same genre websites and the kind of audiences they attract.

No special technology is needed to perform the following, just a healthy internet connection. I do hope these tips help you look into your market share to maximize your brand launch.


Trust Google

Google is now the largest search engine, which now display over 50 % of the internet’s search results. From looking at Google Analytics you will see that the highest percentage of referrals coming into your website will be from Google, then perhaps, Yahoo then Bing. So obviously it is important to rank your website for specific keywords.


Build Page Rank

It is a shame that many internet marketers ignore Google page rank, assuming that it does not hold a great deal of weight. It may not have a huge effect on search engines but it defiantly helps in the long run, the higher your websites page rank the more trusted the website is.

A good quality website that earns a good page rank will be thanked by Google by high search engine results. The best way to increase your rank is to gain links from authority blog sites. There is nothing that can be done to speed the back link process up. Apart from being very active on social networking sites and pushing your products so people will perhaps share links to others.


Getting Known On Social Networking Sites

Brand awareness on social networking sites is imperative for market research. You will want to research which sites will benefit your brand the best.

There are many social networking sites to look at, most common are Facebook and Twitter. However, there are many more such as, You Tube for your on-line video. Pinterest is a major networking site which allows you to share any type of on-line media as is Tumblr.

I would carefully decide on which platform suits your product and brand. Ultimately you will want a platform that will allow you to gain the most exposure as quickly as possible. Also try not to choose to many networking sites as they can be labour intensive, unless of course you have the budget to employ a social networking professional.



Every new website business idea will require market research. This will help you to determine the best course of action to attract your desired audience. The process does take some time but if you keep at it your brand’s footprint will be more noticeable. The key is not to stop and do not slow down.