Slow websites

What could be making my website slow?

One of the most important things in web design is to make sure your website runs at a sufficient speed. Loading times of your website should be kept to a minimum to pass on an excellent user experience. While a fast loading website does not affect the look of your website it definitely affects the feel of the user experience. If you have a slow loading website the viewer will simply get bored of waiting and find another website that follows the niche of your website. A fast loading website will, of course, make your website more successful than a slow loading website, therefore, passing on more sales or conversions through your online sales funnel. If you think you have a slow loading website or you know you have, you need to do something about it. So, what is making your website slow?

There are many different factors to what could be making your website slow such as dynamic navigation or oversized images. A dynamic website tends to take a lot longer to load, so if you have a lot of pictures as well as having a dynamic website you could end up with a slow loading website. Untidy code will also have an effect on loading times of your website. If your website has no database loading times will be very quick, but in today’s world, a website without a CMS will not be effective. As every time you upload a page, you will have to code the new page from scratch. Choosing the correct CMS solution is paramount, so that slow loading speeds do not affect your website.

If you think you are experiencing slow loading times, you can contact us for a free website review. This will allow us to get a better understanding of how your website has been programmed and determine an action plan to rectify any loading times you may have.