Flight Searches

Google Removes ads and Sponsored Listings From Flight Searches

Google has said that flight search results will still be ranked in the same fields, price, and convenience.

The ads and sponsored listing were required as Google took bookings referral fees from some of the airlines it partnered with. If this was not transparent the FTC would have classed this as out of disclosure guidelines.

Around 10 years ago Google purchased reservations platform ITA software, at a sum of an estimated $700 million. When this acquisition took place, Google said it wanted to use the software to create an overall better travel experience.

Now, after a lot of testing and product variations, Google is now delivering that promise. We can now enjoy richer hotel and flight results on the search engine.

Google is now seen as quite large competition, taking on travel companies such as Expedia, who see Google as their main competitor. With the likes of TripAdvisor cutting jobs in response to such competition.


As we can see Google is definitely stepping up in the flight market, and adding feature-rich tools and content. For many digital marketers in this field, it means stepping up Google My Business Participation.