Website marketing

Your website is key

Your website is the key to your business. Your marketing efforts will always direct people to view your website. So your website has to get people interested in the products and services you offer and convert those that are interested into inquiries and sales. However, you will not achieve this goal if you don’t do your planning at the early stages of the web design to ensure you stand a chance of success.

Every website needs to have planned at the beginning – it can be explained like this. A website needs to have a good foundation to build around to make it strong, you could think of it like a house, without strong foundations the whole thing could quite easily collapse around you. You should not jump into any website design project, firstly you need to determine who your target audience is, the user experience you want to give your visitors and the strategy and purpose of the website. Set down the goals you wish to achieve and revenue targets you have forecasted. These are some of the example questions you should be asking yourself, once you have set your foundation you should be in a good position to start designing your website with your goals in mind.

Each and every page on the website needs to have the same feel and be consistent with all of the other web pages. Once the pages have been designed you can then start to think about other web technologies for the project such as e-commerce platforms and lead generation capture techniques. A site map needs to be created, this will outline the function of each individual page, creating the blueprint for the completed site.

A website needs to appeal to its target audience and adhere to getting your brand out there, as you know your website will represent your business so it is essential that the project is completed to match your strategic objectives.