What does a website cost?

Websites vary in price depending on how complex the project is. We do not price websites up then charge more for each extra. Every project is treated differently, this is why we can only give a price after a consultation.

How long does it take to design a website?

A website can take 2-4 weeks to design and develop, or it can take 3 months. We normally include an estimated time frame for completion in our proposal. If you have a crucial deadline, we will do our best to complete by that date.

What are your maintenance charges?

Every now and again your website will require some maintenance to keep it running smoothly and secure. You will be notified when your website needs to undergo routine maintenance. We do not normally charge monthly for maintenance of small scale brochure type websites unless the client requires us to build this into the contract, we have tiered plans in place for large scale websites which have over 50 pages. All eCommerce website owners will need to budget for maintenance charges for customer security.

What is hosting?

Website hosting is needed as this is where all the data for your website is stored.

Can I move my website hosting to Plosion Web Design?

Yes you can move your hosting to us, just let us know all the details to your existing host and we will handle the migration.

I have lost my details to my domain name, can you help?

We can locate which company holds your domain name.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer support to all of our customers, if you require ongoing support please let us know so we can cost out a support package.

Are all of your websites up-gradable?

We can upgrade your website if needed, whether it be graphics or functionality.

Can you set up my Facebook and Twitter account?

We can set up your Facebook and Twitter account or any other social media platforms. In fact, we can even set you up a social media integration application, so any articles you create will be updated to your social media pages.