Mobile websites

A separate website for mobiles

Website designers and developers have argued the subject of whether separate websites should be created to accommodate smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Before responsive websites were developed, users who wished to use the Internet on a smaller device were more than likely browsing a website that was designed for a laptop or desktop screen. This would normally make for slow browsing and cause many other problems for the user.

Some designers and developers believe in creating separate sites for smaller screen users. The problems that are encountered when using two separate sites are that the consistency of the design, some of the products or services may not be included on the mobile site, some pricing may be different due to admin update discrepancies. This will have a negative effect on the user experience and the site may lose conversions.

Now that responsive website design has been fully developed it has allowed designers and developers to meet the user’s needs. Consistent websites are now being created, this allows the user to browse the same site they see on a PC or laptop on their mobile phones and other smaller screens.

We love responsive websites and action this technology on all of our new websites unless the brief is totally out of the box and requires two separate sites. With the correct skills, your website will not only look the part but will above all offer a totally user-friendly experience through all media platforms.

More Information On Responsive Website Design

Back in 2012 sales of PC’s were down, since then there have been major changes, users are favouring smaller devices such as netbooks and tablets. In fact tablet sales this year are expected to exceed 100 million by the end of this year. Meanwhile, the mobile Internet browsing trend is increasing at phenomenal rates.

This is why any time after 2013 is the year for responsive website design, Given this rapid adoption of smaller browsing devices – and also that website users seem to prefer smaller compact browsing, it is only inevitable that anytime after 2013 is the time responsive website design.

Responsive website design will benefit both the user and the publisher, the publisher will be able to reach readers across a multitude of devices for users, responsive design ensures a great user experience across a wide variety of technology platforms.