Facebook Dislike Button

Facebook Dislike Button On Its Way


Very recently Mark Zuckerburg announced that the Facebook development team are working on a new feature that will enable users to dislike posts. The feature has not yet been given a name but we can only assume it will be along the lines of “Dislike”. This will defiantly change the way the social network is used. Feature rich springs to mind when using Facebook nevertheless you can’t criticize this new feature.

After years of requests from users the new addition is under development, Finally, Facebook can see the value in a dislike button! Now users will have an opportunity to emphasize their empathy on certain advertisements and posts. Still, many users will misuse the new option, perhaps Facebook will add an option so that users can turn off the likes and dislikes buttons on posts that are created. After all, advertisers have this option already built in.


I personally feel that this option will benefit the marketers of Facebook more than it’s personal users. The “dislike” button will defiantly have a lot of power on social media campaigns, sparking much debate and controversy.

For the personal users of Facebook it will be useful for posts such as relationship ending updates or any other personal bad news a user wishes to share. I think it could be misused by callous people such as frenemies trying to stir up hostile feelings. However, if this option is never installed there will never be freedom of empathy on the social network.

Lets wait and see what is to come of the dislike button, I can foresee many conflicting opinions and points of view.

facebook dislike button