Successful Content

Creating Successful Content – What’s involved?

Our Content Marketing team has only one purpose, delivering the best results to all our customers. Over the last couple of months, our team of experts have been creating interesting and exciting content to increase our customer’s search engine optimisation campaigns.

Business Goal:

To begin with, it is based upon what you categorise as a successful copy-write campaign – businesses have particular goals so it’s essential that you know what these are prior to creating any content. Various kinds of content will produce various outcomes; however not all content will produce every kind of result required, so it is essential that the publisher has an understanding whether the customer wants engagement or sales, social shares or traffic.

We have invested time testing various kinds of content for a range of businesses and have witnessed positive results. All the while encountering the challenges head on that may arise when producing desired results.

Target Audience:

Along with identifying your business goals, it’s essential to be familiar with who the targeted audience is. This tends to place emphasis on the style, tone, and structure the content will need to take. By knowing this you can select the correct copy that is going to be suitable.

For instance, the content: ‘Which Wacky Racer Are You?’ is probably not the best kind of content for a company looking to represent a corporate brand, this would be more suitable for a fashion blog.

We have used this format with several of our customer’s social channels. In turn, they have seen excellent results when it comes to engagement from prospective customers.

Can it be promoted again?

We value fresh content; however, you will discover copy which contains longevity and maybe re-published due to a powerful, first response. You don’t want to overlook re-advertising content when it has the ability to go further. A typical scenario for re-publishing may be a seasonal promotion push. Once again, the success of content must be assessed on what you are attempting to accomplish for your customers.

Lastly, strong marketing strategy

Before any content is generated the marketing strategy should be outlined. Are social channels accessible? Is the customer’s blog fully updated to support the content? Will there be other parties that should be included in the marketing?

Knowing what takes place both before and after content creation, has to be part of the project from the start, or else there is a danger that the content may collapse at the final hurdle.

Content fails as a result of poor preparation and delivery. With the content umbrella posing several possibilities, you will discover a number of concepts which, if deployed effectively, can be successful with the appropriate strategy.