UX Conversions

5 Tips To Drive Conversions Using UX

The last few days I have been analysing the traffic on a few of my clients’ websites to see how I can improve the traffic flow to increase their sales funnels. The data I have been looking at enables me to see where the customer enters the website and leaves and all the places they go in-between. From looking at this data I can say it has been a very useful few days. Here are 5 simple yet effective tips to help improve the user experience of your website.


Obviously, this is a given, if you have problems with your navigation, users will just navigate away.

If a customer has found your website using a search engine or from word of mouth, they will be looking for a certain product or service. If they can not find what they are looking for because of a poorly designed navigation, that will be classed as a poor user experience.

It is important to have clear and easy to click navigation items. This will help the user find what they are looking for quickly, and ultimately increase click through rate.

Engaging And Relevant Content

One of the main issues we face is to engage customers to stay on a website till the end goal of either buying a product or sending of an inquiry is completed.

Dealing with online customers can be quite a task, this is because we cannot display items in real life like they do in the shops. Instead we use visual content such as, product photos or video demonstrations.

We have found from surveys that most people do not read articles fully, instead they scan. So it is a good idea to have relevant headings, good quality images and positive calls to actions.

Content such as product specifications, delivery times and costs, should be stated before the check-out process. From a customers point of view, this can be very useful as they will no what the full price is, rather than being frustrated at the checkout when they see extra charges added at the end for delivery.

Social Networking And Reviewing

Social media and reviews will only add more value to your brand, product or service. Google loves unique content, so why not take advantage and encourage your customers to write reviews and leave them on Facebook or Twitter.

Increase Site Speed

Today I have been looking into site speed tools and have increased the speed of the Plosion Web Design website by 50%. A slow website has a huge effect on UX, it can be the difference between receiving an inquiry or not.

I used a few tools to check and analyse this, one of the tools I found is called Pingdom which I found to be a great resource at improving my website speed.

Mobile Responsiveness

Not too long ago Google released the mobile responsive update. The aim of this update is to penalise any websites that are not mobile responsive, it is very surprising how many websites still have not updated to the mobile responsiveness criteria.

Currently, there is research to prove that mobile has surpassed desktop 51 % to 42 %. From this research, it is easy to see mobile responsiveness is a must.


The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg. UX can be improved by implementing so many other ideas and solutions, it is a never ending and very exciting time for UX design. If you need help on how to implement UX solutions to your website please get in touch.

The best thing to remember is, if your website is a useful tool and easy to use you are on the correct path.