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eCommerce is a phenomenal industry which has shown positive growth since 2012, please see the below graph for statistics. According to Statista eCommerce sales are projected to reach / exceed 62.5 billion by 2020 in the UK alone.

Woocommerce Technology Distribution

Distribution surpassed 10 million from December 2015, Builtwith statistics show 30% of eCommerce websites on the world wide web are now developed using said platform.

Why Choose Plosion Web Design?

We have been developing with WordPress now for 8 years and are constantly researching the platform for new technology solutions.

Bespoke design, we do not use templates

Allocated project manager

Full support and training

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So what exactly makes the Woocommerce platform so popular?

According to analysis from WordPress, there are currently 24 million active WordPress websites on the web at present. WordPress is also used for 30% of all e-commerce websites on the web today.


Woocommerce boasts a modern and clean interface, molding in quite seamlessly to well designed WordPress themes, thus enthusing modern looking UX front end designs.

Whilst the back end of the store is structured in a way that is user-friendly, allowing the user to update the store in almost any location.

Fully verse with WordPress’s content

Fundamentally brand awareness is all about communication, thus, integrating published content with the most used blogging platform available is a seamless solution.

Powerful Shopping UX features

Pre-installed major payment gateways to include; Direct Bank Transfer (BACS), COD, PayPal. Sage Pay can be installed via PCI compliant integration.

Flexible checkout settings

Allowing the enabling and disabling of guest checkout, thus only allowing logged in secure payment processing. Choose which countries to trade to, certain product pages can also handle different checkout settings.


Allowing the store to locate users, thus completing shipping and other calculations user-friendly. Fast page loading, Ajax is used on add to cart buttons, which eliminates page reloads every time a new product is added to the cart.

Plus many more features


Woocommerce scales with ease, but of course, this depends if a suitable caching system is in place, and product attributes have been well planned before the development. Woocommerce will, however, start to consume heavily on server resources when products are purchased. This is because more calls are being made to the server at this stage of the users buying experience. Realistically, server resources are increased at this stage within any eCommerce platform. To rectify this problem, it is recommended that the websites server is upgraded (when needed). From experience, Woocommerce works well with stores with 100,000 products or less. A store with over this amount of products should look for alternative eCommerce solutions, such as the Magento platform.

WooCommerce Security

While no eCommerce platform can be 100% secure, Woocommerce is as secure as any other equivalent solutions available today. As long as the platform has been developed as per WordPress security guidelines.