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Our Journey

Plosion ® Web Design have now been trading for over 10 years, we like to describe our approach as hands on. We provide our services throughout Staffordshire, to include; web design, digital marketing, content writing, and consulting, to SME businesses.

We know all too well how important your company website is, and how it will depict your brand. Your website will be most certainly your customers’ first introduction to your company. Hence why your companies website content is of paramount importance to us. We will take the time to understand your online initiatives, and then create a structured plan to attain said initiatives.

Web Design Services in Staffordshire

We provide cost effective Internet technology solutions, and our solutions are designed to help you achieve a return on your investment.

Our websites are developed to be SEO friendly, thus helping your company achieve high page rankings on the search engines.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation with us, please contact us to arrange a suitable date. The consultation will help us to place you with the correct Internet technologys to compliment your project needs.

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User Experience Website Design

Is your current website focused on user experience? We are a Staffordshire web design solutions provider, we build web experiences with your valuble customers in mind. Our digital services are designed to attract visitors to your company and keep them.

Search Engine Friendly

We help to provide your website with quality content, thus keeping your website ranked high on the search engines. Our Staffordshire web design agency will ensure your website adheres to the search engine SEO compliancy practices. And is of course placed effectively to drive and convert traffic.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile website browsing is only becoming more popular. Every website we design, is mobile friendly and developed to work on any hand held device. Our responsive websites are liquid, meaning you do not have to have a separate site designed for mobile devices. Obviously, if you require a dedicated mobile device website we can fulfill your requirements.

Web Design to Get You Results

We will design your company a website that will help you stand out from your competition. Our website design and development services will help you make an impact in the ever changing digital marketplace. We provide websites that create attention, and convert to long term success.

WordPress Consultants

We are WordPress consultants, but what is WordPress? At its core, WordPress is now one of the most popular software platforms to create a website. WordPress now provides over 35% of all websites on the Internet with its technical scaffolding.

In technical terms WordPress is an open-source content management system, with a license under GPLv2, this license means the platform can be modified by developers for free. A content management system is a software tool, that allows content to be added to a website more simply than coding each web page.

In conclusion, the WordPress solution makes editing of a website quite accessible to the majority of people.

History of WordPress

WordPress was originally created as a software program that does not require any software other than the operating system to run. It was developed back in 2003, stemming from a project called b2/cafelog.

The CMS software platform is open-source, and has scaled to be controlled by a large community of contributors. But if we trace its origins, the original creation was by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Who uses WordPress?

WordPress websites are commissioned by individuals, large multinational businesses, and everyone between.

Here are some examples of websites which use WordPress:

  • The official whitehouse.gov website
  • The Microsoft website

Magento eCommerce Consultants

With over 10 years of experience in developing Magento eCommerce online stores, we’re proven Magento consultants. Our eCommerce solutions will help your online business grow its sales, with the implementation of a software platform trusted by the world’s leading companies.

Brief overview

Magento is an eCommerce software platform created on an open-source licence, and is coded in PHP. Magento is known as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the Internet, and it is developed on the software framework Zend.

The software was originally created by Varien, Inc, a private company based in USA, California.

To date, more than a 100,000 eCommerce stores have been developed using the framework, and the code has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times. Statistics have shown that $155 billion worth of sales have been achieved through the Magento software solution in 2019.

Magento acquisition

In 2008 Varien released the first general availability of the software. The CEO of Varien at the time, Roy Rubin, later sold shares of Magento to eBay. Who in turn sold to Permira, who later sold to Adobe.

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