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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is a way of optimising and improving search engine rankings. Web pages are listed in the search engines by how relevant those pages are in relation to what the user is searching for. If a web page can be found on page one of Google, it is seen as a quality web page with feature-rich content.

Simply Google will rank a website higher if it has quality links and quality content.

Achieve Higher Rankings

Search engines rank web pages higher if you have great content. Great content also encourages people to link to your web pages. This leads to SERP success, as the search engines want to show interesting pages on their results.

Want Better Results?

SEO is the activity of making sure a web page/website can be found quite high in the search engine rankings.

Have you noticed that some SEO companies you speak to regarding their services try to blind you with science and convince you that it is some sort of magic. This is not the case, at Plosion Web Design – we are transparent with all of our services. We prefer our clients to know what we do and why.

How Can We Help?

Plosion ® Web Design can create a bespoke digital marketing campaign for your website. This will drive traffic to your site, and in-turn you will see an increase in revenue.

Local SEO

From £300 PM

National SEO

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